·       The orders are definitive, changes will not be accepted once signed for.

·       The delivery will be made after we receive the whole payment of the order.

·       Customers can reserve the order if they don’t want to receive it immediately. In this case, they should pay the 30% of the total amount of the order at the confirmation point, and then they have to pay the remaining amount before the delivery.

·        Meisïe will reserve the order for a period of 60 days from the order date.

·        If during this time the customer does not make the pending payment, the order will be canceled and we will invoice the payment on account as a cancelation fee. Under no circumstances will any goods be sent for the amount of the payment on account.

·        The order will be sent in its entirety in one shipment. The payment will not be split in order to receive the order in different deliveries.

·        We charge the 3% of the total amount of the order on transportation costs.

·        Customers have 15 days from the order receipt to notify any problem as well as any fault in the products.

·        The present agreement will come into force from the date that it is signed and will last as long as commercial relationships between the customer and Meisïe exist.